Learning tracks Autumn 2021

to play a track click the arrow with the left mouse button and select play: to download a track click with the right mouse button and select ‘save audio as’ from the drop down menu.

Image only
Ani Vodka
Ani vodka alto
Ani vodka sop
Ani vodka Mix
Bread and cheese wassail BASS
Bread and cheese TENOR



Carol of the bells ALTO
Carol of the bells SOP
Christ was born ALTO
Christ was born SOPS
Christ was born Upper Sop
Dunstan Lullaby BASS
Dunstan Lullaby TENOR
Glory Glory BASS
Glory Glory Mix
Glory glory TENOR
Jazz Gloria SOP RIFF
Rudolph ALTO
Rudolph BASS
Ani vodka Bass

Ani vodka Tenor

Bread and cheese wassail ALTO
Bread and cheese wassail Sop
Bread and cheese MIX
Carol of the bells BASS
Carol of the bells TENOR
Christ was born BASS
Christ was born TENOR
Dunstan Lullaby ALTO
Dunstan Lullaby SOP
Glory, Glory ALTO
Glory Glory SOP
Jazz Gloria CHORUS
Jazz Gloria Verse 1
Jazz Gloria Verse 2
Rudolph TENOR

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