Learning tracks Christmas 2021 V1

to play a learning track below click the arrow with the left mouse button and select play: to download a track click with the right mouse button and select ‘save audio as’ from the drop down menu. We have words for some of these songs which can be downloaded. Select the words page from the members page to see them.

Makaton signing video for fireside and for until we meet are at the bottom of the list.

Ani vodka Alto
Ani vodka Sop
Ani vodka MIx
Away in Manger bass
Away in manger Tenor
Christ was born Bass
Christ was born Upper sops
Dunstans Lullaby alto
Dunstans Lullaby Sop
Glory Gloria Mix
Jazz gloria Soprno riff
Jazz Gloria verse 2
Let the circle be wide Bass
Let the circle be wide Tenor
Masters in the hall Verse unison
Master in the hall chorus bass
Old wiltshire Alto
Old wiltshire Sopranio
Old wiltshire Mix
Rudolf Bass
Santa Claws is coming Bass
Santa Claws Tenor
Until we meet Bass
until we meet Tenor
While shepherds watched Alto
While shepherds Sop
While shepherds watched Mix
Ani vodka Bass
Ani vodka Tenor
Away in a manger Alto
Away in a manger Sop
Christ was born on Christmas day Alto
Christ was born on Christmas day sops
Christ was born Tenor
Dunstans lullaby Bass
Dunstans Lullaby Tenor
Jazz Gloria Chorus
Jazz Gloria Verse 1
Let the circle be wide Alto
Let the circle Sop
Let the circle be wide Mix
Masters in the hall Chorus Alto
Masters in the hall Chorus Sop
Old wiltshire Bass
Old wilthire Tenor
Rudolf Alto
Santa claws is coming to town Alto
Santa Claws is Soprano
Santa Full mix
Until we meet Alto
Until we meet Sop
Until we meet all
While shepherds watched Bass
While shepherds watched Tenor
Fireside with Makaton signing
Until we meet with Makaton signing
Happy Christmas!
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