Learning tracks Summer 2022

to play a learning track below click the arrow with the left mouse button and select play: to download a track click with the right mouse button and select ‘save audio as’ from the drop down menu. We have words for some of these songs which can be downloaded. Select the words page from the members page to see them.

All learning tracks by Sarah unless otherwise stated. Click arrow to play or right mouse click and select ‘Save audio as’ to download.

New learning tracks since the Galliards evening

Sakura alto
Sakura Sops
Ola mama alto learning track by from Helen Yeomans
Ola Mama FemaleTeno learning track by from Helen Yeomans
Ola Mama Sops learning track by from Helen Yeomans
Sakura Bass
Sakura Tenor
Ola Mama Bass learning track by from Helen Yeomans
Ola Mama Male Tenor learning track by from Helen Yeomans
Ola Mama sung by Helen and the Glorious Chorus

Earlier learning tracks up to the Galliards Concert some will stay and some will go !

Cuckoo Intro and verse Alto
Cuckoo Intro and Verse Sops
First of May Chorus Bass
Give me birds Alto
Give me birds Sop
Green Corn Alto (All L tracks by Nickomo and Rasullah)
Green corn Mix
Green Corn Tenor
Kites Alto
Kites Sop
Month of May-ing Alto
Month of may-ing Sop
Sithi Bumba layla Alto
Sithi Bumba Layla Sop
The Rose Alto
The rose soprano
The Rose Mix
This is home alto
This is home sop
Welcome table Bass
Welcome table Sop
Wild Mountain Thyme Alto
Wild Mountain Thyme Sop
Cuckoo Intro and verse Mens Part
First of May Chorus Alto
First of may Chorus Sop and Tenor
Give me birds Bass
Give me birds tenor
Green corn Bass
Green corn Sops
Kites Mix (all L tracks by Bruce Knight and Mrs Knight)
Kites Bass
Kites tenor
Month of May-ing Bass
Month of may-ing Tenor
Sithi Bumba layla Bass
Sithi Bumba Layla Tenor
The Rose Bass
The rose Tenor
This is home bass
This is home Tenor
Welcome table Alto
Welcome table Mix
Welcome table Tenor
Wild Mountain Bass
Wild Mountain Thyme Tenor

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