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The show must go on!

Your Committee planned a meeting oin 3rd April in Ruth’s garden to plan this year’s singing. The days leading up to it were warm and sunny. So we were a bit taken aback to find a very cold north wind blowing. However there is no stopping this Committee so we all arrived in Ruth’s garden well protected (we thought!). Well it was FREEZING! But that did not hurry us along Two hours. And there was no reduction in gossip and laughter to save us. Here is our merry band in full flow!

Here is a lovely comment from Liz about our year of remote singing:

“The last year would have felt longer,  lonelier, and a lot less joyful and fun without being a part of our singing family!  I would just like to say thank you to you all, and Happy Easter xxx”.

We would welcome more comment if you felt able.

Here is Bob in his new hat!

A reminder of our special visiotors to our last meeting or if you prefer

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